Since stepping foot into the spotlight, Victoria Justice has been in a few public relationships. Over the years, the actress and singer has been linked to some pretty famous faces with fans keeping  close tabs on her love life. From one time flings to her longterm boyfriends and everything in between, it’s time to break down each and every relationship the former Victorious star has ever had. She’s been linked to some of the Hollywood’s biggest stars like, Josh Hutcherson Cole Sprouse — who gave Victoria her first kiss — and more in the past!

“It’s odd, I mean I’m a very private person so it’s kind of uncomfortable for me, for people to know everything about me in that way,” Victoria said about her past relationships during a March 2021 interview on the Betches “U Up?” podcast. “There have been times where I [was], you know, 17 or 18 and dating this guy and just like riding our bikes around my neighborhood and then later that day finding out that there was paparazzi taking pictures of us. I didn’t really wanna share [that] with the world.”

The Nickelodeon alum, also got real about being in a relationship and having to film intimate scenes with someone who’s not her significant other.

“I go home to myself, I was not in a relationship while filming this movie. I mean obviously I’ve been in relationships when I’ve had to film sexy scenes and whatnot and you know, it’s a job, it’s a professional thing,” she explained.”So you would hope that you’re with someone who would understand that. I think it’s always cute when the other person gets a little bit jealous – I think that’s a little cute. But, you know, I obviously don’t want someone who’s going to be like, ‘I need to be on set’ and ‘This is ridiculous’ and ‘You can only kiss this amount of times’ and ‘You better not do this’ or whatever, that would be insane because it is work, it is a professional job.”

Wondering who else Victoria dated in the past and what went down between her and her exes? Don’t worry, J-14 has you covered! Scroll through our gallery to uncover the complete history of everyone Victoria Justice has ever dated.

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