Even the crew is down for a second season! When Wednesday premiered via Netflix in November, the show became a major hit with fans hoping for a second season announcement in the near future. The MARZ VFX team, responsible for the creation of Thing, Uncle Fester and Ajax’s snake hair, tells J-14 exclusively that they’d love to “explore more” from certain characters if they show were to get renewed.

“I have yet to hear anything, but I mean what we hear, it’s done very well. Obviously it’s the first week,” Lon Molnar, MARZ copresident shares. “We worked on, actually, Stranger Things season 4 as well. So, when we see that Wednesday kind of beat the viewership in its first week, it’s Stranger Things, and we know Stranger Things is moving on to another season. I think it boasts well for the show, so we’re crossing our fingers that it definitely moves forward.”

Reflecting on how they created Thing (Victor Dorobantu), Lon explained that he’s a “bright character” and there are “a lot of areas” in which his backstory can be explored.

“I think it would be fantastic to explore what may have happened to lead him to be severed, possibly,” the visual effects supervisor explains. “I think that’d be — it was an idea that was floating around and it would be fantastic to explore that for sure. But for us, anything with that character front and center, we’re ready to take the helm and help him tell that story. We’re open to anything.”

The 'Wednesday' VFX Team Shares That They Want to 'Explore More' Possible Season 2
Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Lon teases that Wednesday executive producer Tim Burton “is definitely going to explore the history of the character,” which would add to its story.

“The actor who’s taken on the practical hand would have a full understanding of who this character is. If you can imagine that if this hand was severed and all these fingers were potentially severed, you could see where the stitching areas are, that it was a pretty violent end,” he explains. “Then, that would lead you to the character itself as far as it would be under a lot of trauma, for instance. … It wasn’t really revealed to us, but you can just see by the look of the character, all the scarring stitches that it was a probably a traumatic event for that hand.”

Similarly, one of MARZ’s VFX producers, Casey Sincic, is hopeful to return for a second season.

“I’m not even sure if there’s been an announcement of it getting renewed, but I think if it moves forward — when it moves forward, we’re excited to be a part of that,” he says. “And it seems like the show team will be as well.”

In terms of what character Casey wants to see more of? The producer is fully on board for more from Uncle Fester.

“I love Fred Armisen, and it was fun. The work that we did with his character was pretty minor,” he reflects. “It was the electricity effects that he used, but I would love to see him be a bigger part of the show in season 2.”

Reporting by Laura Rizzo

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