Remember the two little girls who went totally viral after uploading a cover of Robyn‘s “Call Your Girlfriend” to YouTube back in 2012? For those who forgot, the dynamic sister duo of Lennon and Maisy Stella became internet sensations overnight. After they appeared on Good Morning America to perform their cover of the song, the siblings’ major music career totally kicked off!

“I think right now it’s a really great time to be a female in the industry because I think there’s so much change and so much attention being brought to that subject,” Lennon told Women in Pop in April 2020. “I think people are being less and less afraid to talk about it and more aware of it, you know. I think, right now it’s a cool time to be a girl in the music industry. I’m so supportive of all the women.”

Both musicians have come a long way since their debut in the music industry.

“You know, from 12 to 18 is such an awkward stage to go through as a kid and as a teenager and as a young adult. It was just a weird, interesting way to grow up,” the musician added while talking to the website about her and her sister’s whirlwind rise to fame. “I’m so lucky to have been on a show filled with such loving nurturing people. I know that I was extremely lucky in that sense. But also every insecurity and thing you go through as a kid gets broadcast. It is documented and then you can’t really explore. You can’t dye your hair or go on a trip somewhere, you have to stay in Nashville, stay filming. You can’t really change much about you because you’re a character. Stuff like that is weird, but overall, I think it was just a very positive experience.”

Now, Lennon has totally grown up! The songstress turned 22 years old on August 13, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since the pair first appeared on TV screens across the United States. What are the sisters up to now? Well, after starring on the popular drama series Nashville, both girls went on to have major music careers and even made a permanent move from Canada to Nashville, Tennessee. It’s safe to say both Maisy and Lennon have grown up so much! Scroll through our gallery to check out what Lennon and Maisy Stella are up to now. 

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