When Disney XD’s I’m In the Band premiered more than 10 years ago, it quickly became a fan favorite. The series aired its first episode on November 27, 2009 and concluded December 9, 2011, and fans are pretty shook over how fast time has flown by.

Also starring Stephen Full, Steve Valentine, Logan Miller, Greg Baker and Caitlyn Taylor Love, the show quickly became a fan favorite. For those who forgot, it was about a teenager named Tripp Campbell, who dreamed of working with his favorite band, Iron Weasel. When he won a contest that allowed him to get dinner with them, his dream became a reality! After managing to impress them with his awesome guitar playing, they asked him to join the band. But since Iron Weasel was made up of three middle-aged men, and Tripp was a 15-year-old high school student, it made for a pretty hilarious outcome.

“Tripp has been playing the guitar and has loved rock ‘n’ roll since he was born! He’s the guy who would stop at nothing to achieve what he needs to achieve. If he comes across an obstacle, he’ll find a way to overcome it,” Logan told JustJaredJr. in 2009. “It’s all very ’80s rock. That is what is so great about the show — we stay true to ’80s rock. We always have different songs but they all sound like different bands, which is so cool.”

The actor went on to recall some hilarious moments from the show’s set.

“We have crazy things happening every week. On one episode, a bunch of eggs were thrown in my face. Derek, the lead singer in the band, was doing a magic trick where he was my hands and I was like the body. He was mad at me and kept throwing eggs all over my face. It was disgusting and gross!” Logan recalled. “There were about 24 eggs on me, and then he threw a hard boiled one on me and no one knew. When he threw it on my head, it splattered all over my hair and was a big white mess. It went all over my hair.”

It went on for two epic seasons before it came to an end in December 2001 and a lot changed with the actors since then. Fans are seriously not going to believe how different they look! Join us in taking a walk down memory lane, and scroll through to see what the cast of I’m In The Band is up to now.

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