We know, we know. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody star totally hates it when fans ask, “What does Dylan Sprouse do now?” And that’s pretty fair, considering he’s been up to plenty since retiring from Disney Channel back in 2011. “Am I not doing anything? It’s a weird thing to be asked ‘what are you doing now?'” he wrote on Instagram last year. “I want to say ‘I’m enjoying myself by relaxing, traveling, consuming media, and continuing to learn,’ but the truth is is that unless I’m doing something bigger and better than what I’ve previously done, people deem it regressive.”

The truth is, though, that Dylan has been working a lot since his last “big” project. Sure, some casual Disney Channel viewers probably haven’t heard about much from him since The Suite Life. But the star has been keeping busy off Disney Channel. Not only did he and Cole Sprouse pursue their education and graduate from NYU, Dylan’s also had a lot in the works. But if you’re still wondering what he’s been up to — well, we’ve got all the deets.

He’s opened his own business, All-Wise Meadery.

This is one project that’s been in the works for Dylan for a while now, and finally came to fruition this summer. Since graduating in 2015, Dylan’s been working hard to become the youngest Master Brewer in the United States. And beginning in 2016, he started to talk about All-Wise Meadery, the winery he’s opening in Brooklyn. Starting your own business takes some serious work, and Dylan documented his progress on his business’s Instagram page. It’s kept him plenty busy — but he’s still found time for other projects, too.

He’s dabbling in video game voice-acting.

Yep. Everyone freaked when news broke that Dylan would be returning to acting (although Cole was less than impressed), but it turns out he’d actually been working on a few projects right under our noses. Dylan voiced a character named Tyril in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons video game that came out this summer. And according to IMDb, he also did a little voice work for another video game called Reborn. The actor, who studied Video Game Design in college, definitely seems to be putting his degree to use!

He’s heading back on screen.

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He actually filmed a horror movie called Dismissed way back in 2015, right after finishing school (which is why he still has short hair in the flick, despite his long luscious locks these days). Yep, between this film and his voice work, the Suite Life star has actually been acting pretty much the whole time we thought he was taking a break. But it’s his new project, a short film, that’s been making waves recently. It’s called Carte Blanche and Dylan stars as Gideon Blake. Director Eva Doležalová captioned a shot of him on Instagram, “Gideon Blake and his fierce manager, Andrea Miller” (played by Cornelia Guest), which makes it seem like Gideon might just be an actor himself. So not only is the Disney star acting, he’s also acting as an actor — how’s that for a big return?

But Dylan has long been auditioning and checking out new roles — he just doesn’t want to take one that’s not right for him. “The project that I do next needs to be good or the character needs to be something different from what I’ve done before, so for now I’m just auditioning until that kind of thing comes along,” he said back in 2016. “[I] want to act in meaningful projects and be selective about what [I] do.” We love that he’s only taking roles that resonate with him. We just hope they keep on coming!

And, of course, he’s reuniting with his past costars.

Yeah, of course he reunites with this main costar on a regular basis — after all, the Cody to his Zack is his IRL twin. But just last week, he also ran into Brenda Song, aka London Tipton, and fans everywhere had their hearts just about burst in their chests. The photo the two stars took is pretty adorable. Even better, knowing that there’s no lack of love between the actors is just as amazing. The Sprouse twins may not have a lot of nostalgia for their days on Disney — but they definitely miss their Disney fam. Now that’s what we call the sweet life.

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