Jake Paul is known for his crazy videos on YouTube, some maybe even remember him years ago from Vine. I'm guilty of thinking that the only thing Jake knows how to do is prank people, but after taking his exclusive course, Edfluence, about how to become social media famous, I realized I was wrong. Not only is Jake a mastermind of video making, but he's also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all social media platforms. The course is wildly motivating. Jake knows exactly what he's talking about between the best posting times on Instagram to how many times to post on Facebook to editing video, dealing with brands, YouTube content, the best way to make a video go viral and how to maintain your Twitter account. You guys, that barely even scratches the surface of what Jake has to offer.

However, if you want to become social media famous, there's a price because literally, nothing is free. Ever. Joining Team 1000, as Jake has dubbed it, costs 7 dollars. Okay, fine. I bought it. But, you don't really get anything with just that. You have to join what Jake calls the Inner Circle, which costs an addition 47 dollars. That's where you get hours of video explaining the in's and out's of the social media world. But, it's worth it. Well, I think it's worth it. I have yet to test it out, that will come later.

So, picture this. I'm sitting at my desk just watching Jake talk into the camera for hours. It starts with an overview of, you know, his life and the history of social media. From there, he tries to get you to figure out what your brand is. Are you going to be a comedic influencer? A beauty guru? A daily lifestyle vlogger? He makes a point to say that you can be multiple things which will ultimately help you stand out amongst the very oversaturated virtual community. Next up Jake gives tips and tricks for Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Musical.ly before moving onto a beginners guide to video editing. He talks about what kind of equipment he prefers to use, the lighting he has, and how to stay organized. The end of the course gives social media wannabes keys to success and finally, how to master YouTube – Jake's specialty.

It was long, it was a lot of information and a lot of Jake's voice. And, like I said before, he's much more intelligent than he lets on in his videos. He also really wants to help kickstart your career in social media. He actually said that his team was going to be watching the social accounts of people who signed up for the course and he just might pick a few to collaborate with or share on his own page. Obviously, this would be huge for whoever the lucky person might be.

Aside from all of the hard facts and information I took notes on, I learned something else. I learned that social media is actually a job. While it might not look like Jake does much of anything all day except do insane stunts and pranks, that is a huge misconception. He runs a legit business. He doesn't even have a manager. Over the past 10 years, Jake has basically taught himself everything including things a manager would do for him. He crunches numbers, closes marketing deals, collaborates with brands and other influencers, runs Team 10 and even makes time to post on all of his social platforms every single day. His followers are growing exponentially. Jake knows what he's talking about. And for a small town boy from Ohio who didn't even graduate high school, I'm really effing impressed.

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