Are you more of a Damon Salvatorre or Nathan Scott? J-14 did the digging, consulted the stars and found your 2000s TV boyfriend based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to uncover yours!

If you grew up watching early 2000s TV, then you know the classics:Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls, among others. And you probably remember one face that appeared in nearly all of them: Chad Michael Murray.

The actor played Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill, Tristan DuGray in Gilmore Girls and Charlie Todd in Dawson’s Creek.

“A lot of these people grew with me and now there’s a whole new generation out there of 11-to-12-year-old girls and boys that are watching it [One Tree Hill] for the first time on Netflix and it’s just crazy how much it touches people” Chad told Bustle in 2016.

About his OTH role, he added, “It’s such an honor and it was such a great part of my life,” before theorizing what he thinks his character would be up to now.

“I think he has two or three kids by now and is happily married. His oldest would probably be six or seven years old by now, so they’re probably starting on their own Tree Hill journey,” the Cinderella Story actor told Bustle. “I think that’s what’s really cool, to think of the next generation growing up and going through some of the issues that are so universal.”

However, you won’t catch Chad watching One Tree Hill anytime soon. According to a People, Chad explained, “It’s a section of my life that I deleted. A lot of development, a lot of growth as a human being, and I just deleted so much of it.”

The Riverdale actor continued, “I think we have hard drives, right? I’m probably like, you know when you get an iPhone that holds like 264 gigs: I’m down on a 32 gig phone because of old information, so booting everything up. So I think I’m deathly afraid.”

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