Flyana Boss is on the go! You’ve probably seen this rap musical duo from their iconic TikToks, running through places like Disneyland and McDonald’s while rapping to their song, “You Wish,” but their careers go way beyond making viral videos. Folayan Omi Kunerede and Bobbi Lanea Tyler — the two members of Flyana Boss — call themselves, “two unproblematic silly carefree besties making music together,” and they have way more music to come!

Keep reading for everything to know about Flyana Boss.

What Is Flyana Boss?

Flyana Boss is a rap music duo who initially blew up on TikTok, comprised of Folayan and Bobbi LaNea. However, they have been making music since 2019.

“It’s been four years, yeah. The pandemic f–ked us up, so we took two years off. We didn’t fully stop; we built our social media,” Folayan told Vulture in July 2023. Bobbi added, “We didn’t stop-stop. But we had been on a roll doing shows and sessions.”

Who Is Flyana Boss? The Rap Duo Is Blowing Up on TikTok: Meet the Members
Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for SXSW Sydney

However, when they made the song “You Wish,” both musicians knew it would be a total hit.

How Did Folayan and Bobbi LaNea Meet?

They did not grow up together; Folayan is from Dallas while Bobbi is from Detroit. The duo met and started collaborating when attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Folayan went on to say that they’re a “mix of both” introverted and extroverted.

“Introverted is like when you have to recharge by yourself; extroverted is when you recharge around other people,” Bobbi added. “So I do think we’re both truly introverted when we need time alone to function, but we do love performing. And us together, like, even when we’re not on stage, it’s a show.”

Since their initial musical collaborations and successful songs, Folayan and Bobbi have evolved their sound.

“Flyana Boss was just a different entity than what we were doing. This is the fun, bestie, silly, vibrant side of myself. And then the boom-bappy jazzy sound is my little chill side,” Folayan explained. Bobbi added, “We got a bunch of quote unquote weird songs that the label people don’t love that we love that we want to drop.”

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