Netflix’s One Piece is set to become one of the best anime adaptations, maybe, ever! Not only does the live-action series have the support behind the manga’s original creator, Eiichiro Oda, but the casting is pretty much perfect! So, who exactly plays Nami in the upcoming adaptation of One Piece? Keep reading to meet Emily Rudd

Who Plays Nami In Netflix’s ‘One Piece’?

In case you don’t know, One Piece is one of the most iconic animes of all time! The story follows Monkey D. Tuffy, a flexible young boy who sets out to become the “King of The Pirates” by assembling his Straw Hat crew in order to find the legendary One Piece treasure. Netflix’s adaptation of the anime is set to premiere on Thursday, August 31, with 10 episodes.

Iñaki Godoy will play Monkey D. Tuffy, and the actors behind the Straw Hat Crew include Japanese actor Mackenyu as three-sword swordsman Roronoa Zoro, Taz Skylar as womanizing chef Vinsmoke Sanji and Jacob Romero Gibson as slingshot wielder Usopp.

As for Emily Rudd, the actress will play the only girl of the Straw Hats, redheaded navigator Nami!

During a July 2023 interview with Nerds of Color, Emily explained that she is actually “super good” at navigating, much like her character!

“I’m kind of like the default person that, if we’re in a new city, people are like ‘hey Em, can you navigate us,'” she explained. “I grew up camping. And so we have the paper maps, and it’s like – when I say ‘camping,’ I mean, like ‘middle of nowhere, bathroom is a hole in the ground somewhere in the forest,’-type camping.”

She concluded, “So, I guess I was born to be a navigator. I was born to be Nami. Let’s say it! I’ll say it.”

emily rudd
Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images for NETFLIX

Who Is Emily Rudd?

Emily, 30, has a few impressive acting roles under her belt prior to being cast in One Piece! Her most notable role is of Cindy Berman from Netflix’s horror film trilogy Fear Street. She also has some acting credits in shows and movies like Prime Video’s The Romanoffs, Moonshot, Hunters and Dynasty.

The One Piece actress is also a huge anime fan herself! Even prior to being cast as Nami, she posted a clip of her character from the anime back in 2019 on Instagram! “me & nami⁣ 🤝⁣ stress eating,” she wrote as the caption. Talk about manifesting!

She spoke about what she most wants viewers to take away from One Piece in her Nerds of Color interview.

“I think my ultimate dream is that people who were maybe reluctant to watch the anime or read the manga take a chance on our show and fall in love with it in the same way that I and millions of other people have fallen in love with One Piece,” she said, “because it is so special, and I hope that existing fans feel the love that was put into it because there was a lot.”

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