OMG. Justin Bieber just had an absolutely terrifying moment, and we are so glad he’s OK. According to reports, a woman was arrested after breaking into the singer’s hotel room on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, in Laguna Beach, CA.

E! News reported that the unidentified woman spent the night partying in a hotel room located down the hall from Justin’s. But after she and her friends failed to check out, they were escorted out of the hotel.

“The 36-year old woman then went back in to the hotel to try get back into her room, but told officers she mistakenly entered Justin Bieber’s room instead,” Sgt. Jim Cota from the Laguna Beach Police Department told the outlet.

It was reported that the “Love Yourself” crooner “told the woman to leave,” but when she wouldn’t, Justin’s personal security escorted her out. Law enforcement quickly arrested the woman, and they’re now looking into whether or not she “deliberately tried accessing the room because she knew Justin Bieber was inside.”

Sgt. Jim Cota added that Justin is “doing fine.”

Um, OK, how scary is that? As fans know, this unfortunately isn’t the first time Justin had to deal with a terrifying intruder. The 25-year-old has actually had quite a few break-in attempts go down at his numerous homes over the years, and in 2014, one unfortunately succeeded. 23-year-old Qianying Zhao was found sleeping in his bed after breaking into his Atlanta apartment.

According to Us Weekly, the fan told police “she entered the unoccupied home through an unlocked door” and came there “to attend Justin’s birthday party.” When she realized she was too late (Justin was actually in the Bahamas celebrating), she decided to stay there and wait for him.

Yikes, that’s definitely not OK. Although it was super scary, we’re so relieved that nobody got hurt.

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