Summer is in full swing, which means beach days are all the rage! What better way to spend a day on the sand in the summer sun than with a good book?

With school being out, you’ve probably binge-watched everything on Disney+, Netflix and Hulu, so it’s definitely time to get sucked into a new story. Especially, one by a well-know author. Readers may recognize the name Jerry Spinelli from iconic novels like Stargirl and Maniac Magee, but the famed writer is back with a new story in August 2021.

Titled Dead Wednesday, the Young Adult novel follows the story of Worm Tarnauer, who likes to stay hidden from his peers. But when his school assigns all the eighth graders the name of a late teenager to spend the day becoming “invisible,” everything changes for Worm. Promised to remind readers that every day counts, this book is definitely one that we’ll never forget.

If you’re looking for more of a love story, we’ve got you covered! And K-pop fans, this one’s for you. XOXO by Axie Oh — to be released in July 2021 — tells the romantic tale of Jenny, a talented Cello player who has nothing but music on her mind. After meeting a guy while out in Los Angeles, she decides to be carefree for one evening. After Jaewoo disappears, Jenny finds herself wondering why. It isn’t until she travels to South Korea with her family that she finds out Jaewoo is actually a huge K-pop star. As it turns out, they can’t even date! Get ready to be kept on your toes while turning the pages of Jenny and Jaewoo’s love story.

We’ve even rounded up some books for our younger readers. Both Six Feet Below Zero by Ena Jones and Everywhere Blue by Joanne Rossmassler Fritz are perfect for any age group. In Six Feet Below Zero two siblings are forced to pretend their great grandmother is still alive until their grandmother shows up to collect her will. Similarly, Everywhere Blue is another sibling story about 12-year-old Maddie and her brother who goes missing from his college campus. The youngster and her family learn to cope with their unwavering grief, but are able to find hope.

But that’s not all! There’s a lot more to read where these stories came from. Be sure to scroll through our gallery for a full list of the Young Adult novels we’re devouring this summer. 

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