From TikTok star to author! Charli D’Amelio has finally released her first book, and she’s giving fans insight into her life away from social media with Essentially Charli: The Guide to Keeping It Real.

“People can read about my life, how I try to stay positive, what my family means to me, tips and tricks for social media, and so much more! It’s exciting for me to let people know I am more than just a girl who loves dancing and creating on social media,” the 16-year-old influencer told J-14 exclusively, adding that the book is “a place I hope other teens can go to enjoy, read, have fun, relate [to] and learn from.”

Since her rise to fame on the video-sharing app, Charli has become known for her choreography skills and dance moves. When it comes time to log off TikTok, she actually has a lot of other interests. After introducing herself to readers with never-before-seen photos from her childhood, Charli dedicates sections in the book to giving back and dealing with the haters.

“Giving back is something, as a family, we have always made the main focus. For me giving back to others, supporting causes and making sure my voice is also used to help others is one of the most, if not the most, important reasons I am doing this,” she explained to J-14. “I hope people who read this book get to know who I really am … Even though I’ve been able to grow on social media, inside I’m still the same person I always was.”

When it comes to all the negativity online, Charli wants fans to remember that “they aren’t alone.” She also shared an important piece of advice with J-14 readers and said, “The only person whose opinion matters is your own. Be kind and kindness will always win.”

“I have struggled with anxiety and being in the public eye doesn’t make that easier,” the teenager said. “When I need to stay positive I spend time with family and I try and remember that I can only do my best, and that has to be good enough for me.”

After getting the chance to tell her own story in Essentially Charli, the TikTok star offered fans the opportunity to interact with the book by including activity pages. “I wanted [the book] to not just be about me and my journey, but also a place that people could go as an outlet and to create their own ideas,” she explained.

All in all, Charli feels like her debut book “is a great representation of who I am” and really makes her “proud and happy.”

“It wasn’t an easy experience because it did take time to get it exactly how I wanted it to read, but I am so proud of the end result,” she said.

Essentially Charli: The Guide to Keeping It Real is out now!

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