From Disney Channel star to author! Jenna Ortega released her debut book It’s All Love on January 5, and the talented teen is sharing personal stories with readers about love, family, faith and more.

It’s All Love is a collection of stories and lessons I’ve experienced while growing up in a non-traditional sense … I think a lot of what I’ve been through might be helpful or insightful for teens struggling with their identity,” the first-time author told J-14 exclusively, noting that she’s “always been very passionate about writing.”

Since she first stepped onto the Young Hollywood scene, Jenna has been open with her social media followers. Writing a book gave her the chance to go deeper and get on a more personal level with her supporters, which she admitted was “somewhat” nerve-wracking.

Jenna Ortega Exclusive
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“I’ve never addressed my aggressive struggle with my mental health, and I talk about that somewhere in this book. It’s weird, I’m not a very social person, but I also want to be as sincere as possible in all I do. And I think it might be nice for those who also have a hard time that they’re not alone,” the actress explained. “Being a teenager is tough. If there’s anything I can do just to be a source of comfort or helpful in any way, it would bring me immense joy! People have been so kind towards me, and I want to return the favor.”

When it comes to giving advice throughout It’s All Love, Jenna reminds readers to prioritize themselves because sometimes it’s “difficult” to stay positive through the tough times. “I tend to overwork myself, so I try to slow down a bit [and] spend time with the people I care about,” she said. “[I] try to think about all that I have to be grateful for because I am so so lucky to live the life that I live.”

After telling her story in the book, the Stuck in the Middle alum hopes readers take away “the importance of caring for yourself even when times are tough.” As for whether or not Jenna plans to write another book anytime soon, she said, “I love taking on new endeavors. Who knows? I might!”

It’s All Love is out now!

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