Former Disney Channel starlet Jenna Ortega is setting the record straight on rumors that Selena Gomez is headed back to the big screen in the upcoming horror flick Scream 5.

“I wish, as an actor, they would tell me things,” the actress, 17, told Entertainment Tonight during an interview published on September 19. “Honestly, I’m the last person to ask for information like that. I’m like, at this point, do I even know everything that’s happening?”

A few eagle-eyed fans first started to speculate Selena, 27, was cast in the film series’ fifth installment in August after noticing that some of the film’s cast members had followed her on social media. Some of the actress’ fans also noticed that Courteney Cox — who’s set to reprise her role from the original Scream in this new movie — commented that she “can’t wait to meet” the Wizards of Waverly Place alum.

“Scream 5 confirmed cast is now following Selena Gomez on Instagram and Courteney left her this reply,” one person wrote on Twitter alongside a series of screenshots.

Aside from dishing on the possibility of working alongside Selena, Jenna also got real about the transition from her Disney Channel days on Stuck in the Middle to becoming a horror movie “scream queen.”

“I never looked at myself like a scream queen,” she said while catting with ET. “I feel like it’s been just a natural progression. Horror is so fun to make, it’s also very easy to make in the industry. So, it’s just something that’s just kind of happened.”

Other than Scream 5, Jenna is set to reprise her role as Ellie in Netflix’s You season 3.

“I heard that some viewers want Ellie to come back and kill Love and possibly Joe [in season 3] but to me, that defeats the purpose of Ellie’s storyline,” she told Insider in February. “Right now, we see her as somebody who’s incredibly hurt and has been screwed over and kind of got the worst of the worst — to bring her back and make her a murderer like Joe defeats the purpose because that’s not her character and that’s not in her heart. I feel like she wouldn’t go out and try to murder someone. It takes away from her innocence and it takes away from that fear factor that she has of being a teenage girl involved with this psycho serial killer.”

At the end of You season 2, Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) gave Ellie some money and told her to run away after his girlfriend, Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti), killed her older sister, Delilah (played by Carmela Zumbado).

“Ellie is out there knowing that Joe’s a murderer and could do something about it if she really needed to,” she explained to Insider. “If I come back [to Los Angeles] that would be great but, at the same time, I’m kind of scared because Ellie knows so much. I mean, they couldn’t kill my character right? Like, could they kill the 15-year-old? … But also, she knows too much!”

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