He’s back and better than ever! Zayn Malik returned to music on Friday, July 21, with “Love Like This,” his first single in nearly two years.

“’Love Like This’ is a summer tune I’m very proud of and excited for the world to hear,” the former One Direction member shared in a press released. “I’m working on my new album currently that is coming soon, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s next.”

Keep reading for everything to know about “Love Like This,” the song’s meaning and more. 

What Is Zayn Malik’s ‘Love Like This’ About?

Zayn appears to be singing about an extremely meaningful relationship on the track, and the upbeat song is definitely giving major summer vibes.

“I don’t wanna waste no time / I don’t wanna waste no time ’cause / You are the, you are the crown,” he sings on the chorus. “I just wanna take your time and / Everything is on the line, but I would rather be dead / If it’s gonna mean a life that’s lived without you, baby.”

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In the past, Zayn opted for slower tracks when it came to his solo music. However, this song is giving off major dance vibes. In fact, the singer teased a bit of a change in his musical style when appearing on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in July 2023.

“I’m doing a record I don’t think people are really going to expect,” he shared at the time. “It’s a different sound for me and it’s got some more narrative going on, like, real life experiences and stuff.”

What Has Zayn Malik Said About ‘Love Like This’?

Ahead of the song’s release, Zayn teased on “Call Her Daddy” that the track was “just a summer jam” to him.

“It’s a good vibe,” he added. “It just feels like summer.”

In terms of what’s next, there’s an album on the way, for sure; however, Zayn is also looking forward to getting back on stage.

“But I have this energy too, like I have something to give and I want to get on stage,” he shared, gushing over his fans. “They’re always like, ‘We’re here, we got you. Like when you’re ready, we’ve got you, we’ll come and listen to your tunes.’ … I feel the love for sure. I’m ready to prove these people right.”

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