It’s been a big week for 5 Seconds of Summer fans! Not only did the four-piece boyband announce the release date of their upcoming album CALM, but they also dropped a music video for their new single “No Shame” on Friday, February 7.

Prior to the video’s release, the band’s drummer, Ashton Irwin, took to Twitter with a collection of images that described the visual. At first, fans were super confused when he posted a photo of Logan Paul alongside late musicians Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur. After they checked out the music video, some 5SOS fans speculated that the band threw some major shade at social media.

“‘No Shame’ [music video] shows the effects of social media and how it can overtake people’s lives as to where they care more about likes and fame. Such an amazingly done music video and I’m so so proud of 5SOS,” one fan tweeted.

Another Twitter user broke down the video scene by scene and claimed that the boys called out Logan in one scene where guitarist Michael Clifford gets into a car crash. After he flipped the car, Michael took out his phone and started recording himself selfie-style, seemingly mimicking a vlog.

“Michael is supposed to represent Logan Paul. The lyric ‘diggin my grave to get a reaction’ is most likely a diss at how people in the entertainment industry will do anything, good or bad, in order to get their name more out there and widely know,” the fan speculated.

5SOS Seemingly Calls Out YouTube Stars In 'No Shame' Music Video

As for Elvis and Tupac, some fans think that their images referred to popular social media conspiracy theories that claim they both faked their deaths as a way to get out of the spotlight. Throughout the entire music video, viewers think singer Luke Hemmings is dead, but at the end it was revealed that he was alive and attended the fake funeral.

“The music video for no shame is so powerful and it shows the way celebrities feel towards the press & media [for example] the walls watching them 24/7 not letting them have any privacy,” another fan claimed.

5SOS Seemingly Calls Out YouTube Stars In 'No Shame' Music Video

Some fans also noticed many references to living in Los Angeles throughout the entirety of the video.

Previously, the band told Billboard that a lot of the songs on the upcoming album were influenced by their move to LA. Therefore, fans have speculated that the video was the official entry into 5SOS’ new era.

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