Puppy love! Calum Hood is just as obsessed with his dog as the 5 Seconds of Summer fans are.

The bassist first introduced Duke, to his Instagram followers in 2017, and he’s been sharing pics of the small dog ever since. 5SOS fans know aside from just calling him Duke, the musician has referred to his pet as “baby grandpa” in a Twitter post. Why? Well, Calum explained that the dog, “Looks like a baby but he old.”

Pictured of Duke on Calum’s social media are few and far between, but sometimes the 5SOS family gets lucky and catches a glimpse of the black-and-white dog in an Instagram Live or even an interview. In April 2020, when Calum and his bandmate, Michael Clifford, were doing an at-home treasure hunt with MTV, Duke made an appearance and almost broke the internet. The pooch has also danced along with his owner to the 5 Seconds of Summer song “Wildflower” during one of the band’s quarantine livestreams, and it was everything.

Even though Calum and the boys have stayed off social media a bit since dropping their 2020 record, CALM, the group has given fans a bit of an update when it comes to releasing new music. They celebrated their 10-year anniversary as a band with a song titled “2011.”

“We hang out even if we’re not working. There’s a real friendship there. We just laugh and have a good time. It’s about understanding that things do grow and change and that’s not necessarily a negative thing,” band member Luke Hemmings told People following the songs release. “Our lives are intertwined. We have individual lives and this beautiful band that we started when we were so young. It holds such a special place.”

As for what fans can expect from their new record? Something “really incredible,” Michael told the publication.

“Once that’s out there in the world, there’s no telling really because we can just keep going,” he shared. “It’s a return to our roots, but also a departure of where we were at. It’s this middle ground of what everyone has loved of 5SOS through the years.”

As the boys gear up for their new era, we’ll still be here obsessing over Calum and Duke. To celebrate the pretty epic bond between Calum and his BFF, we gathered all the cutest images of the singer and Duke. Scroll through our gallery to see them all and get ready to swoon!

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