Meet your new book obsession: Squad by Mariah MacCarthy. The story follows the journey of a cheerleader named Jenna Watson, who proves that cheer squad is really not what everyone thinks it is. They are not every guy’s fantasy or Marsen High School “mean girls.” In fact, they’re just a group of girls trying to navigate life all while perfecting their routines and stunts. Not only is her squad tight, but they’re more like family than friends. Yep, their cheer bond runs deep. But not for long…

Let’s be real — this is high school we’re talking about, and nothing is smooth sailing during those dreadful four years. For Jenna, things comes crashing down when her bestie stops talking to her. Out of no where, she’s not getting invited out with the rest of the cheer squad — and TBH, she has no idea why.

Squad by Mariah McCarthy cheerleading

While trying to make the best of this unfamiliar post-cheer life she’s found herself in, Jenna explores new experiences — including LARPing (live action role playing) and a relationship with a trans guy that makes her truly believe in love.

When Jenna loses her favorite sport and her ride-or-die squad, she’s forced to ask herself: What else is left? Find out when Squad hits shelves on March 12!

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