Billie Eilish and Ariana Greenblatt‘s friendship is one we didn’t know we needed! Since meeting, the two have shared a special bond — with Ariana even honoring Billie in a heartfelt speech that left the Grammy-winning songstress in tears. Keep reading for details on their friendship, *that* speech and how they met.

Are Billie Eilish and Ariana Greenblatt Friends?

The pair first met at the premiere of Barbie in July 2023, which Ariana starred in and Billie wrote the title track for, titled “What Was I Made For?

During Variety’s Power of Women event in November 2023, where Billie was being honored before performing her heartrending “Barbie” ballad, Ariana took up the stage to talk about her friend.

The Barbie actress shared an emotional story centered around the moment when she met the “bad guy” singer at the film’s premiere.

“I was still processing the fact that she made a song for the movie, a song that resonates with me and probably many of you in a deep way. I did not think I would be capable of meeting her, let alone holding a conversation with her,” she said. “Well, that night I did get to meet her, and it was the biggest full-circle moment thus far in my life. That night was the start of a friendship that I cherish and hold close to my heart.”

Ariana also mentioned that Billie was one of the first people she had met in the entertainment industry that she felt like really understood her.

“Growing up in this industry at such a young age, I am constantly trying to fit in with my adult peers, yet I’m still not able to relate to anyone my age. Billie is the one person I see myself in and relate to in many ways. Billie’s authenticity and fearlessness to express herself through her art spoke to me in ways no one else had.”

The Stuck In the Middle actress wrapped up her speech, moving Billie into tears and leading her to make an impromptu speech.

“Oh man I was crying over there girl,” she began, after embracing her friend. “I’ve never felt truly like a woman. I’ve spent a lot of my life not feeling like I fit in to being a woman … This sounds kind of f–ked up but I have a lot of internalized misogyny inside of me and I find it coming out in places I don’t want it to. And I have to say, with full transparency, I feel very grateful to be a woman right now. I feel very proud, and I feel very honored to be here.”

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