Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday, an eight-episode series following the iconic character from The Addams Family as she transfers to a school for outcasts called Nevermore Academy and attempts to solve a monster’s murderous spree. Fun, right?

Throughout the show, she begins a romantic relationship with Tyler Galpin (played by Hunter Doohan), a “normie” barista who happens to be the son of Sheriff Galpin. Keep reading to uncover Jenna and Hunter’s relationship IRL and if they’re friends outside of the show!

Do Jenna Ortega and Hunter Doohan’s Characters End Up Together?

Warning: Spoilers imminent.

So, since Tyler is revealed as the Hyde monster and the culprit of the murderous spree in Jericho, Vermont, it’s safe to say he and Wednesday are no longer together. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hunter was asked if his character had any feelings for Wednesday whatsoever, or if he was just playing her the whole time.

“I think always playing her,” he said. “Maybe there’s an attraction there and, he probably wouldn’t admit it, but a respect for her, but he’s filled with so much anger and hatred toward her and her family and all of Nevermore because of what happened to his mom. She was a Hyde and she died because Nevermore doesn’t accept them and won’t teach them how to control their powers, so I think Tyler’s filled with a lot of rage and that’s how he justifies his murdering spree.”

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Hunter Doohan/Instagram

Are Jenna Ortega and Hunter Doohan Friends IRL?

Jenna and Hunter are definitely a successful pair of costars-turned-friends, as they have each posted photos of one another on Instagram and continue to support one another on social media. In a clip posted to Hunter’s TikTok account, he shared a behind-the-scenes video of Jenna performing her viral Wednesday dance in front of the cameras. “Getting a front row seat to THIS was a highlight,” Hunter wrote as the caption.

“It was so trippy even getting to stand between the two of them,” Hunter shared of working with Jenna and Christina Ricci, who played Marilyn Churchill in Wednesday. “I just feel so lucky to be part of this.”

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