Some Ariana Grande fans are not happy with one of Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram posts. On Thursday, January 9, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians took to the social media site and shared two photos of herself wearing a light blue body-con dress complete with a slicked back, high ponytail. Shortly after the photo was posted, the 22-year-old started to receive backlash from unhappy Ariana fans who noticed similarities between Kylie’s hairstyle and the Sweetener singer’s signature pony.

“Kylie I’m sorry but [you don’t have the permission to steal Ariana’s [signature] ponytail [you] can have any other hairstyle, but the ponytail takes it too far now take it out now,” one Instagram user commented. Another added, “Why does she look like Ariana Grande looking at the side profile?”

Others stood up for the reality star and clapped back at Ariana fans.

“LOL I don’t like Kylie but Ariana did not invent the ponytail,” an Instagram user said.

Aside from Ariana’s ponytail, some fans called Kylie out for copying Nikita Dragun‘s look. Previously, the YouTuber had posted similar photos in the same dress.

“Didn’t [Nikita Dragun wear] the same thing?” one person wrote. Another asked, “Is no one talking about the fact that Nikita Dragun posted a pic on January 3rd wearing this same dress?”

A third fan added, “[Nikita Dragun] pulled it off so much better.”

This isn’t the first time fans called out Kylie’s look in Instagram’s comment section. January 3, 2020, the Kylie Cosmetics owner debuted never-before-seen images of her hair in blonde pigtails with small twists. She quickly deleted the photo after she receiving backlash from followers who accused her of cultural appropriation after she wore the style, which is more commonly worn by members of the black community.

Fans took to social media and continued to call out both Kylie and the photographers — Luca and Alessandro Morelli — for the hairstyle. They explained how it’s an example of cultural appropriation and not a “compliment.”

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