It might be well over ten years since the first High School Musical film premiered on Disney Channel, but that doesn’t stop the cast from re-watching it every chance they get. On Friday, December 27, Ashley Tisdale took to Instagram and in a series of videos documented her husband, Christopher French, as he watched one of the HSM films for the first time.

“Does anybody know what this is?” the 34-year-old asked fans in one of the Instagram Stories. “Because I’m subjecting my husband to watch it. He’s never seen any of them.”

The actress — known for her role as mean girl Sharpay Evans — hilariously filmed her husband’s reaction to her character and even asked “would you have dated me?” in the since-deleted videos. They both laughed in response as High School Musical 2 continued to play in the background.

“Sharpay not your type babe?” she captioned the clip and added a laughing face emoji.

Ashley Tisdale Finally Makes Her Husband Watch 'High School Musical' For The First Time

When it came to the “Fabulous” scene, Ashley asked her hubby if he was a fan of her famous white, bedazzled bathing suit and, surprisingly, the 37-year-old musician was totally here for it. That’s not all! He also seemed to love the white Baby Grand Piano Sharpay sits upon while singing in the pool.

Finally, she asked Christopher if he was a fan of the movies and although he didn’t seem too into them, the videos of his reactions were everything.

“Would you have watched this when you were younger? Be honest,” she asked in the final video. To which he responded, “Probably not.”

“Not your cup of tea? You were doing some other crazy stuff in high school?” she quipped back.

Sorry to say High School Musical fans, but from the look of it, Ashley won’t be having another viewing party on her Instagram Stories any time soon.

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