How time flies! Best Friends Whenever aired its final episode on Disney Channel in December 2016, after two seasons.

Starring, Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, Gus Kamp, Ricky Garcia, Benjamin Royer and Matthew Royer, the show was all about two teenage BFFs — Cyd and Shelby — who find themselves with the ability to time travel thanks to one of their neighbor’s crazy science experiments. Together, the girls and their friend group have some pretty major adventures in both the future and the past!

“I love Shelby. I hope I’m like her,” Lauren gushed to Pop City Life in 2015 about the show. “She’s just so sweet and wants the best for everyone around her and always means well. Sometimes she’s a little high strung but she’s very determined overall and a good person.”

The actress continued, “I feel like every kid has that dream of being on the Disney Channel. I never, ever thought that it would be me one day up there but dreams do come true, I guess!”

When talking about the series at the time, Lauren explained that Best Friends Whenever was “fun” and super relatable.

“A lot of Disney Channel shows aren’t really relatable right now,” she explained. “Time travel isn’t really relatable … but they’re like two normal teenage girls who have to deal with problems normal teenagers have, but we have to time travel to fix them.”

Similarly, Landry gushed about her character, Cyd, while chatting with Cliche Mag in 2016.

“It’s cool because I initially auditioned for both parts of Cyd and Shelby. I’m split down the middle,” she explained at the time. “It’s kind of like an ‘opposites attract’ kind of thing. I’m very bubbly and girly, while Cyd can be more dark and tomboy-ish. I want to play roles that are unlike myself. What I love about my character is that she’s a go-getter and sets a very good example.”

Following their Best Friends Whenever days, the on-screen BFFs went on to continue their careers in the spotlight. Some of their costars also continued their Hollywood careers and made major names for themselves, others, however, completely stepped out of the spotlight and went on to live a normal life. Wondering what these former Disney Channel actors are up to now? Click through our gallery to find out. 

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