Ever since Pretty Little Liars first premiered back in 2010, fans were seriously obsessed! Yep, the show just celebrated its 10-year anniversary in June and the cast can’t believe how beloved PLL has become over the years. Following the series’ major milestone, J-14 caught up with Brendan Robinson — who fans will remember as Lucas  — reacted the show becoming a total cultural phenomenon and spilled some major behind-the-scenes secrets.

“I remember my very first day on set very vividly, it’s crazy [that] it’s been a decade,” the actor gushed. “I joined the show about two weeks before the pilot aired. So, none of the girls were famous yet. The show wasn’t a smash, runaway yet. But I think that we knew we were working on something special.”

Brendan also revealed that his character, who quickly became a fan-favorite, was originally only supposed to be on “one or maybe two” episodes!

“Some of the executives really liked the Hanna and Lucas chemistry because they felt like it brought out a different side of Ashley Benson‘s character,” he explained. “For a while, I was expecting that Lucas and Hanna were going to become a couple. Obviously, it didn’t go in that direction. What I’m really grateful for is even though it didn’t go in that direction, where I became one of the boyfriends, the writers gave me a lot of really great storylines and a really well rounded character.”

He continued, “But they gave me a lot of cool stuff to do. Lucas was this sort of shy, tormented, outsider, outcast, and then he turned into this guy you didn’t know was part of the A Team or not, because he was a little sketchy. Then, finally, he turned into this, you know, rich billionaire by the end of it. I feel very fortunate that I was given that opportunity to do so many things.”

And, yes, like viewers, Brendan definitely thought Lucas would be the final A at one point during his time on set.

“When they they revealed Toby in the black hoodie, around that time, I thought that I was going to be more heavily involved with [the A Team],” he remembered.

As for his favorite scene to film, Brendan always loved the Season 2 episode when Hanna and Lucas were in the boat together.

Brendan Robinson Shares 'PLL' Set Secrets

“That [scene] was really interesting because we filmed it in a couple of different parts. We filmed the wide shots on the lake. So, we did that actually on the water and Ashley fell into the water. I wanted to fall into the water, but they didn’t let me,” he dished. “Then on a different day, for the closeup shots, we filmed that inside of soundstage. They basically recreated it to make it look like we were on the water with reflective mirrors to make it look like there was water reflecting on our faces. It was a really cool process. It’s sort of like movie magic at its best.”

The 30-year-old added, “That was one of the most memorable scenes for me. And then, also, I remember my very last scene with Ashley very vividly. That was a tough one to get through it, because it sort of sunk in and this is going to be the last time that we were going to do a Hanna and Lucas scene together.”

When it comes to rewatching the series, Brendan rarely ever does, but the one time he did catch a few episodes — before appearing on the “Pretty Little Wine Moms” podcast — he said he was “shocked” at how young they all were and some scenes, he didn’t remember shooting at all!

As for the possibility of a reboot, Brendan “would totally be down” to get the entire cast together again. And he’s not the only one, because we’d be here for more PLL, too!

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