On Saturday, December 14, BTS band member V got real with fans during a live video on a streaming service called V Live. The 23-year-old K-pop star responded to questions sent in by fans and revealed why the seven-piece group always travels on private planes.

For those who don’t know, in Korea an obsessive fan who engages in stalking or intrusive behavior of celebrities is called a sasaeng. During the fan chat, V talked briefly about this topic and explained that the band made the decision to fly private after numerous encounters with sasaengs on airplanes.

“We travel separately on a chartered plane,” he explained. “We also want to take a [regular] plane, but when we have long-distance or short-distance flights, some people find out in advance [which plane] we are taking and sit in the seats in front of us or next to us. In a place like that, we can’t rest comfortably. It was very uncomfortable. Honestly, I would like for them to stop doing that. It’s scary. Yes, it’s very scary.”

As fans know, V’s live broadcast came just after the band performed at their special fan appreciation concert called muster in Japan. The group also sent a sweet message to ARMY and thanked them for their continued support.

“What we learned is that through all the tour, we saw our ARMY’s faces and their love and their voices, and we just felt this whole thing is worth it,” RM told J-14 at the 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in LA. “It’s worth living. So, that’s what we learned, and we got to focus on what we were doing or we got to do ARMY made all this possible. They are the… they’re the main character. The main role.”

That’s not all! The boys also teased their upcoming music and promised fans that their patience would pay off.

“We will make your wait worthwhile,” J-Hope promised.

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