She’s speaking out! Yep, in a series of since-deleted Twitter posts, Cardi B called out TikTok star Emmuhlu for making videos criticizing her music. She also reposted a since-deleted video that allegedly showed Emmuhlu saying the n-word, according to screenshots reposted to the TikTok Room Instagram account.

“Fish lips is this you?,” Cardi wrote on Tuesday, August 25. “Please keep my name out of your mouth. You disguise yourself as a person that love black female artist, but you a real life racist.”

In another since-removed tweet she added, “Been talking about me for months, b***h probably want my skin color… Then disguise herself as a black female rapper stan to hide her racism and gain followings… Like goodbye pita bread lip having…”

Then, Emmuhlu — who’s Instagram has seemingly been deleted — went on Instagram Live and addressed the entire situation. She claimed that her past video was “a joke” and said Cardi shouldn’t be “attacking a teenage girl’s appearance.” The internet star also explained that she didn’t like that the rapper posted the video of her saying the n-word on a “huge platform.” Before concluding her livestream, Emmuhlu said her past videos about Cardi were part of a “trend” on TikTok making fun of the “I Like It” singer’s “beef” with Nicki Minaj. She also said that she “respected” Cardi.

After her live, Cardi responded in a since-deleted Instagram comment, which was screenshotted and reposted by fans.

“You have made like 10 videos of me, disrespecting me and picking on me. If you experience bullying, repression if you know who you are why do you do it to others? I am a person, too! I got feelings, too!” Cardi’s comment read, “When I stand up for myself, I got to be mindful that you are 18? You don’t gotta pick on people for attention.”

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“Again, I’m sorry that I made a joke at your expense,” Emmuhlu replied. “I didn’t personally attack you or your appearance or even your character as a human being. I don’t think that I ever said anything so terrible that you had to take it that far and share that video of me with your huge platform.”

Cardi has not responded further and, following their Instagram exchanged, has deleted all her Twitter posts about Emmuhlu.

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