Following his recent scandals, Shane Dawson‘s soon-to-be sister-in-law, Morgan Adams, has broken her silence.

In a video titled, “A Chat About Life,” uploaded on Wednesday, July 29, the 22-year-old sister to Shane’s fiancé, Ryland Adams, briefly spoke about Shane’s past YouTube videos that have recently resurfaced online, which showed him “sexualizing” minors and using both the N-word and blackface.

“I don’t like them, I don’t agree with them, it makes me uncomfortable to watch them, because when I watch them I’m like, ‘who is that?’ I don’t feel like that’s a person that I know,” Morgan said, stating that she did not want to be involved in the drama.

For those who missed it, back in June, Shane uploaded a 20-minute apology video where he addressed his past actions, in resurfaced videos.

“I have done a lot of things in my past that I hate, that I wish I could make go away,” he admitted in the video, titled “Taking Accountability.” “This video is coming from a place of just wanting to own up to my s**t, wanting to own up to everything I’ve done on the internet that has hurt people, that has added to the problem, that has not been handled well. I should have been punished for things.”

Aside from saying there was “no excuse” for his use of blackface, he also addressed past accusations that he sexualized minors.

“I swear on my life, I am not somebody who would ever talk about a child… like in seriousness, I would never talk about a child in any way that was inappropriate,” he said at the time. “That is disgusting. That is gross. It is not something I would ever do. It is something I did for shock value or because I thought it was funny…It’s all gross and I promise that is not real. That is not me.”

In her vlog, Morgan opened up about the entire scandal and apology, adding, “It’s a difficult situation because I’m not coming at this from the viewpoint and the perspective of somebody who has watched Shane on the internet for years. This is somebody that I hang out with in my real life. This is somebody that I consider to be a friend, a mentor, a family member. I just wanted to say that I’m not defending anything that has been said in the past, anything that has been done in the past, but… the Shane that I hang out with, and that I have lived with, has always just been gracious, and kind, and understanding. He’s always been willing to help everyone.”

She concluded, “I see these old videos of Shane and I’m like, wow, I don’t even recognize that person.”

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