Here’s how Carrie Berk stays connected! The internet sensation and author is a constant source of inspiration for teens. The 18-year-old TikTok star and blogger is known for being real with fans, especially with posts on her website Carrie’s Chronicles, but how is she staying positive as a social butterfly amid this unprecedented time in the world? Through social media, of course!

“I’m staying connected to my friends through frequent FaceTime calls and socially-distanced get-togethers. I’ve gone on more walks through Central Park with friends than I can count!” Carrie told J-14 exclusively. “I’ve been staying positive by finding those opportunities to connect with friends from afar, as well as using this time to get closer to my family.”

She continued, “As for staying connected to fans, I’m striving to be as active as possible on social media by producing constant content and liking and replying to their comments. We can all use a little extra love during this difficult time!”

The influencer also recommended Netflix Party — which she said is “so much fun” — and drive-bys as “a great way to chat with friends while staying safe and socially distanced.” When it comes to sharing advice with young fans about staying positive amid the ongoing pandemic, Carrie stresses that “it’s okay not to be okay.”

Exclusive: Internet Sensation Carrie Berk Shares Tips for 'Staying Connected' Amid the COVID-19 Pan
Courtesy of Carrie Berk/Instagram

“Cry it out, and then do something that brings you joy and purpose, like cooking a meal for your family, taking a hot bubble bath or curling up with a book or magazine,” she said. In fact, Carrie’s latest novel, Ask Emma: Frenemies, offers a real-life and relatable look at a group of middle schoolers dealing with distance in their friendship.

Ask Emma: Frenemies follows middle-school advice blogger Emma and her best friends Izzy and Harriet. The trio is typically inseparable, but when they find themselves in an argument, they must learn that the best of friends can conquer anything. It’s especially important to stay connected to your friends amid the pandemic, so I think we can all benefit from seeing Emma and her girls break apart and try to come back together,” Carrie told J-14, explaining the book’s inspiration. “When I switched to a new school in sixth grade, I lost touch with a lot of my childhood best friends, and that was really hard. I had to learn that even the strongest of friendships go through growing pains, and sometimes people drift apart. I also saw a lot of ‘frenemies’ behavior among my peers: girls were backstabbing each other and spreading rumors. I thought it was a really important topic to shed light on because so many girls go through it.”

Aside from her budding career as a writer, Carrie has also blown up on TikTok.

“My TikTok is primarily focused on spreading positivity, whether through product unboxings, how-to’s or dance videos!” she gushed. “I try to look for fun and interesting products to feature that people have not necessarily seen before.”

Exclusive: Internet Sensation Carrie Berk Shares Tips for 'Staying Connected' Amid the COVID-19 Pan
Courtesy of Carrie Berk/Instagram

Like most young stars, Carrie also finds herself dealing with haters online. “Not going to lie, it’s not easy. Sometimes, I just need to take a step back from my phone and focus on things that are filled with joy and positivity, like playing with my dog, for example!” she said. “I’ve learned to just delete and block the haters and wait for the storm to pass. I value a friend or family member’s opinion much more than strangers’ words written from behind a screen.”

When it comes to her future, the social media star has huge goals — like becoming the editor-in-chief of Vogue. “I’ve always been obsessed with fashion magazines, and it would be amazing to take on Vogue and lead the publication into the future,” she said, adding that her motto for 2021 is “embrace the present moment.”

“It’s really important to live in the moment and revel in what you have today,” Carrie said.

Be sure to check out her new book Ask Emma: Frenemies, out now, and head to the J-14 Magazine Instagram account for Carrie’s tips on growing your social media following.

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