Did you know there are some people outside of Hollywood that resemble some of your favorite celebrities? Yep, some of the world’s biggest stars have doppelgängers that look so similar, even their biggest fans have such a hard time telling them apart!

Kendall Jenner, for example, the reality star has a lookalike named Teona Chachua from Tbilisi, Georgia who only started to realize the comparisons in 2018. When talking with the Daily Mail the blogger said that the comparison to the model is “a huge confidence boost.”

“As soon as I started my videos and posting pictures people started commenting saying that I look like her. It is nice when you get compared to someone as beautiful as she is,” the mother of one told the publication. “Sometimes people double take when they look at me in the street and sometimes even say, “Oh my god you look like Kendall”.

Teona added, “I get a lot of comments especially from her fans who actually think it’s her, and my family joke that we are related somehow. It’s a bit strange for me as well because at the end of the day I’m just a normal girl. … Sometimes she posts pictures on her Instagram and I can understand why everyone says I look like her. She’s such a gorgeous lady, my husband likes to joke about it and reminds me that I’m older than Kendall.”

These two aren’t the only lookalikes out there. Taylor Swift has a TikTok-famous doppelgänger named Ashley. The social media user went viral after making a video doing her laundry, and fans couldn’t believe that it wasn’t the Lover songstress! It seems like Ashley has since leaned into her celebrity comparison because she’s posted tons of videos dressed as Taylor and, honestly, we can’t tell the difference!

And it turns out, the these two celebrities aren’t the only ones with lookalikes out there. Scroll through our gallery and prepare to be shook over how much these people look like celebrities!

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