Did you know there are some people outside of Hollywood that resemble some of your favorite celebrities? Some of the world’s biggest stars have doppelgängers that look so similar, even their biggest fans have such a hard time telling them apart!

Remember the guy who looked just like Ed Sheeran that he confused everyone at the Logan Paul and KSI fight? What about the TikTok star that went viral because people thought she looked just like Ariana Grande? These are just some examples of celebrity lookalikes that have fans doing a total double take.

As it turned out, there’s a lot of normal people out there that can pass as major celebrities like Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson to One Direction‘s Zayn Mailk and even Miley Cyrus. After looking at these pictures, fans are going to have a hard time believing that their favorite stars don’t have a long lost twin!

Scroll through our gallery and prepare to be shook over how much these people look like celebrities!

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