The drama never ends! Chase Hudson released his new song “All the Things I Hate About You,” which fans are speculating is about his ex girlfriend Charli D’Amelio. At one point in the song, which released on July 29, he appears to call Charli a “homie hopper,” a possible dig at his ex after it was revealed she was dating Chase’s old friend, Landon Barker. Keep reading to discover all the tea between the three.

Chase Hudson’s Song “All the Things I Hate About You” Lyric Breakdown

Chase originally posted a teaser of his new song in a TikTok on July 24, 2022, with the date of the song’s release, July 29. “This might get taken down so listen while you can,” he captioned the video.

“Stabbed me in the back like nothin’, never even saw this comin,’” Chase sings in the chorus, with another line stating, “You’re a showstopper, bad liar, homie hopper, and drama starter.” Fans immediately speculated that the song refers to Charli, specifically because of the line “homie hopper,” as she recently started dating Chase’s friend, Landon Barker.

“‘Homie hopper’ hmm I wonder who he’s talking about,” one fan commented under his original TikTok video. Another fan commented, “Omg I see more drama coming …”

“All my friends are f–ked, we all got you in common, you’re so fake and everyone should know about it,” he sings to finish the chorus. “And all the things I hate about you.”

He continues, “You could’ve had a rockstar but you chose up on a bumstar / Bootleg version of me, that’s your loss,” he sings. Fans are assuming Chase is referring to himself as the “rockstar” and Landon as the “bumstar.”

Chase also sings, “You won’t break me again and say it’s all in my head,” and “Holdin’ his hand in that dress from the night that you left,” which fans think refers to a photo taken of Charli holding Landon’s hand when they first sparked dating rumors on June 28, 2022.


Chase, Charli and Landon Drama Explained

Chase and Charli had a public on-again, off-again relationship starting in early 2020. At one point, Chase was accused of cheating on Charli in July 2020 with Nessa Barrett, which he addressed via Twitter. “All of this drama is going on because I kissed Nessa when we were both single.” He would later post a now-deleted photo from his notes app that seemingly called out his friends and other influencers for their own infidelities. “The only person who has a right to be upset with me is Charli and I’m sorry I hurt her,” he wrote.

After all of that drama, the couple would quietly continue their rumored romance — they were seen in public together, attended each other’s family vacations and appeared in TikTok videos together up until early 2022. It was officially confirmed over between the two after Charli sparked and later confirmed dating rumors between herself and Landon.

Landon, who is the son of musician Travis Barker, has been friends with Chase for quite some time, posting a TikTok as recent as January 2022 of Chase recording music at Travis’ studio. Additionally, Chase was even Landon’s guest at Travis and Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding in Italy in May 2022.

One day after Charli and Landon were confirmed to be dating, Chase and Landon had unfollowed one another on Instagram. Chase even posted on Instagram on July 28, 2022, seemingly addressing the drama. “Damn, that’s crazy so … party at mine tn?” Chase captioned the post.

J-14 reached out to both Chase and Charli’s reps for comment.

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