Fans are sending YouTuber Christina Cimorelli and her husband Nick Reali love after she shared the emotional journey she went through after suffering a miscarriage. On Saturday, January 18, the 29-year-old lead singer of the pop group Cimorelli uploaded a 24-minute video to the girl-group’s YouTube channel and told “the heartbreaking story of her first pregnancy ending in miscarriage.”

Before she told the full story, Christina reflected on the happy times in her pregnancy. She showed clips of her taking the pregnancy test before she told her husband and their family about the baby. Christina also explained to viewers that her mom had suffered miscarriages in the past, so she always had a feeling that this might happen to her.

As she started telling the story, Christina got emotional remembering how sick she felt a week before going away with Nick to celebrate their one year marriage anniversary. While the couple was driving to their hotel, Christina said she started to “feel so weak” and knew that “something was really off.”

“So we got to the hotel and we watched a movie. I started to get really bad cramps and they started to hurt more and more,” she said. “I went to bed and only slept and hour. I woke up and [the pain] started to be really bad…and I went back to sleep and I woke up again because of the pain.”

After ten hours of “intense pain,” Christina said she miscarried.

“We just started crying a lot,” she said. “I felt a sense of peace, but also devastation at the same time…I was trying to be gentle with myself.”

After their anniversary trip, Christina and Nick returned home. She gathered their entire family and shared her miscarriage story. Then, they hosted a funeral service for the baby, which Christina said offered her “so much closure.”

She then went on to explain that one week after her miscarriage, her and her sisters went on tour.

“[Looking back] it was not a good idea. I could not stand up long enough to do all of the rehearsing,” she admitted. “There were a couple songs that were killing me. ‘Before October’s Gone’ started to get me really sad…but after that, ‘The Night We Met,’ is so sad.”

“You guys were wondering why I was crying during that song,” she said. “Sometimes I just had to stop singing and leave and go to the back of the stage because I was crying so much.”

Christina went on to say that being able to cry on stage and really let out her sadness helped her grieve. Now, she’s happy to share her experience and help others who have also suffered from miscarriages.

She said, “Even though it ended in a really tragic way, I’m grateful that it happened. I’m grateful to have this experience so I can relate to other women who have been through it.”

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