YouTube star Christina Cimorelli is going to be a mom! That’s right, the 29-year-old lead singer of the pop group Cimorelli and her husband Nick Reali are expecting their first baby, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

On Saturday, February 29, Christina and Nick uploaded a 17-minute video to girl-group’s YouTube channel and shared the exciting news with their five million subscribers. The couple opened up about their pregnancy story, revealed the baby’s due date and the rest of Cimorelli even shared their initial reactions to Christina’s exciting news.

As fans know, Christina’s pregnancy news came one month after she opened up about “the heartbreaking story of her first pregnancy ending in miscarriage,” in January 2020. For those who missed it, the singer shared the emotional journey she went through after suffering a miscarriage in October 2019 during her and Nick’s trip celebrating their one year marriage anniversary.

In her latest upload, Christina explained how her past miscarriage allowed doctors to diagnose her with “a genetic blood clotting disorder.” Now that’s she’s been diagnosed, Christina was given a course of treatment to make sure that she doesn’t suffer from another miscarriage during her current pregnancy.

“I was so grateful my doctor was so quick and decided to test me for that [disorder],” she told viewers. “I was just so grateful.”

The couple then explained that every night, Christina has to give herself a shot in the stomach. At first, she admitted to being apprehensive about the daily shots, but realized that it was something they could do “to have a better chance of our baby surviving.”

Both Christina and Nick said that they’re being “cautious” about the pregnancy because of their past issues, but are also super excited about starting a family.

“I’m really excited and I’m obviously scared, but that’s okay,” Christina admitted. Nick added, “Super excited to be a dad. The due date as it looms closer…I have my internal checklist of everything that needs to be done ahead of time.”

Before ending the video, Christina showed off her growing baby bump and told viewers that their gender reveal video would be coming soon!

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