Union strong! Amid the ongoing 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike and the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike, there will be a delay in pretty much every ongoing TV show and movie in production right now. In support of the actors and writers, J-14 put a list together of classic (and binge-worthy!) 2000s shows that you can watch while the people who create your fav shows line up at the picket fences.

Keep reading for a list of early 2000s shows that you should watch while supporting the 2023 writers and actors strikes. 

What Are the 2023 Writers and Actors Strikes?

ICYMI, the WGA were first to go on strike in May 2023, over an ongoing labor dispute with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The WGA represents over 11,500 screenwriters who demand fair wages, among other aspects of the industry.

In July 2023, the SAG-AFTRA joined the writers on strike against the AMPTP after they failed to reach an agreement. The last time both the Writer’s Guild and the actor’s union went on strike was in 1960. SAG-AFTRA represents more than 160,000 TV and film actors and members.

How Will the 2023 Writers and Actors Strikes Effect Hollywood?

Since the strikes, several movies and TV shows have been put on hold, with actors unable to promote any current or future projects and cannot take part in any press events, including interviews, conventions and red carpets. Some shows that have already been effected include Abbott Elementary, American Horror Story, BUNK’D, Cobra Kai, Euphoria and Emily In Paris, among others.

The strike has also halted all production on Stranger Things season 5, which is set to serve as the final season of Netflix’s hit sci-fi drama. The Duffer brothers, the creators of the series, announced the production delay on Twitter on May 6, 2023.

“Duffers here,” the brothers wrote. “Writing does not stop when filming begins. While we’re excited to start production with our amazing cast and crew, it is not possible during this strike. We hope a fair deal is reached soon so we can all get back to work. Until then — over and out. #wgastrong.”

While production on some of your fav shows face delays, there’s still some amazing shows out there! Click through our gallery to get a list of early 2000s TV show ideas to watch while supporting the ongoing 2023 writer’s and actor’s strikes. 

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