Get ready for some major changes in Riverdale, you guys, because Cole Sprouse just explained how the coronavirus pandemic is going to effect the CW show.

“Our show is the exact kind of rubric which is going to come under a scrutinizing lens in terms of how things are gonna to change technically,” the actor said in a recent interview. “I mean, the nature of romantic scenes are going to change quite a bit. Kraft service — catering is going to change quite a bit. Interactions with cast and crew are gonna change quite a bit. What kind of stages you’re allowed to shoot in are gonna have to change; the ventilation is going to have to change on a technical level. The amount of background they’re allowed into shots is gonna change quite a bit. Our show is one of those shows where we are deeply involved with all of the new regulations that are put upon a production cycle. So, I am incredibly interested to see how it works.”

As fans know, the former Disney star’s admission comes just days after he got real about when he plans to leave the series and say goodbye to his role as Jughead Jones once and for all.

“For me, as long as the show that I’m working on — Riverdale — is one that I continue to have fun on and work with all my closest friends, which I do, it’s a privilege to be a working actor,” he explained. “I think to sit and stare at something in the face — and you can laugh at yourself and you can criticize something you’ve worked for — but I think it’s incredibly pretentious and ignorant to look at something that you are blessed to have and go like, ‘I’m done.’”

The CW

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody alum revealed that it’s the show’s amazing fanbase that really keeps the show going.

“Something has a shelf life. But, I think Riverdale has a large audience and very many people enjoy it. Many people have fun and it brings them joy. And as long as I can do that and inspire something like that, through whatever narrative it is, then that’s like the currency of acting,” he continued. “I think that’s incredible. I would love to continue to do that. And I get to eat free food on set. I mean, come on.”

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