Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Could Jellybean Jones be the mastermind behind Riverdale‘s mysterious (and seriously creepy) videotapes? Well, some fans sure do think so! Just weeks after the show’s Season 4 finale, a series of brand new fan theories have hit the web and, this time, they explained exactly how Jughead’s little sister could be teaming up with her half-brother, and FBI agent, Charles Smith for the show’s entire videotape plotline.

For those who missed it, throughout the entire season, the people living in Riverdale have been watched and recorded by a mysterious person. Now, the tapes have been sent out and what’s on them is super weird. For example, Jughead received a video of someone dressed in a Betty Cooper mask “killing” someone in a Jughead Jones mask — like we said, weird — and, of course, the characters have made it their mission to find out who’s been recording the sending the horrific tapes. But, from the looks of it, some fans on Reddit might have solved the mystery for them. At first, viewers thought their ex school principal Mr. Honey might be behind the entire thing, but, now, some people aren’t so sure.

“The reason Jellybean is involved is because of Charles brainwashing her. Maybe he is egging her on to want to seek revenge against her [dad] FP. Clearly the show has revealed they have a rather rocky relationship,” Reddit user Aminaa156 wrote. “Gladys says that JB misses him but would rather fight then admit it. She obviously has a grudge against him and this new family dynamic in Season 4 must not be settling easy with her. Anyone in her place would feel uncomfortable when your brother’s girlfriend’s mom is dating your dad. It seems like she’s really lonely and left out of many things. In the Thanksgiving episode she wasn’t in any part of that (maybe that has nothing to do with the storyline but it still seems off to me). She has gone through so much, so obviously she’s vulnerable to Charles. Probably in the same way she was to Ricky.”

They continued, “In 4×04 JB pulled a prank on Betty. She had special effects makeup on. I think she is doing special effects makeup on the actors in the videotapes. Also we know JB is good with technology so she could be helping to edit the videos. I have a gut feeling Ricky will be making a return soon and will somehow be involved with the video tapes.”

Other users on the site agreed and think that Jellybean is somehow involved, and will have a major appearance in the show’s upcoming fifth season. Obviously, none of the actors have confirmed or denied this speculation since Riverdale plotlines are kept under wraps, but showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did say in an interview with TVLine that the Season 4 finale “really took the videotape mystery to the next level.” Safe to say fans will be seeing more creepy videos once the show returns in 2021!

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