Warning: Spoilers Ahead. As fans are gearing up for the Riverdale Season 4 finale on Wednesday, May 6, a new collection of theories have hit the web and, this time, they’re about the culprit behind the seriously creepy videotapes that the Riverdale residents have been receiving in the mail.

For those who missed it, throughout the entire season, the people living in Riverdale have been watched and recorded by a mysterious person. Now, the tapes have been sent out and what’s on them is super weird. For example, Jughead received a video of someone dressed in a Betty Cooper mask “killing” someone in a Jughead Jones mask — like we said, weird — and, of course, the characters have made it their mission to find out who’s been recording the sending the horrific tapes. But, from the looks of it, some fans on Reddit might have solved the mystery for them.

“I think the tapes are being made by someone obsessed with the crazy and dark history of the town itself. Whoever is making them is reenacting all of Riverdale’s incidents/mysteries. So far, we’ve seen Jason’s murder, and Jughead’s ‘death,'” a user named LthePerry02 wrote. “My guess is that it’s Mr. Honey. We know nothing about his past, and he seemingly came into the town out of nowhere. He could easily be a twisted guy who’s fascinated with the town’s darkness, and became principal to make it even easier to monitor everybody. I think that Honey was the one wearing the Betty mask and the Clifford mask.”

Furthermore, another theory suggested that Honey isn’t working alone. Since Kevin Keller has been in the video-making business with a partner named Terry for the entirety of the season, some people are convinced that Terry is in on it too, since all the equipment is at his disposal.

As fans know, this isn’t the only thought that’s gone viral about how the fourth season ends. A theory released in February 2020, suggested that viewers won’t see the Riverdale kids heading off to college in the upcoming fifth season, but instead, it will start with the characters five years in the future. This entire idea started on February 25, after TVLine reported that “the producers of an established series are toying with the idea of ending the current season with a massive timeline shift.” A source told the publication that the time jump being considered was a five year difference. Riverdale fans immediately took to social media explaining how a time jump would ultimately fit perfectly into the series’ plot line.

Guess we’re just going to have to wait until next week to find out!

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