Once again, Katy Keene shocked fans with another epic Riverdale crossover. That’s right, in Thursday, April 24’s episode, titled “Gloria,” Kevin Keller — played by Casey Cott — left his hometown for a trip to the big city and met up with  former Riverdale resident Josie McCoy along the way.

Not only did the Kevin support his stepsister during her performance with the new Pussycats, but he also debuted a brand new play based off Riverdale, the murder capital of the world, as it’s known to be called. The musical-loving, BFF of Betty Cooper also recruited Katy and her friends to portray iconic characters like Veronica and Cheryl. Yep, that’s right, Jorge’s drag persona, Ginger Lopez — portrayed by Jonny Beauchamp — dressed up as the Raven-haired princess and, as expected, it was everything.

‘Katy Keene’ Teams Up With This ‘Riverdale’ Star For Another Epic Crossover
The CW

In quite possibly the most hilarious part of Kevin’s appearance, he referred to Riverdale as a place where “a lot of people die… And also make out.” Sounds about right to us!

As fans know, this isn’t the first crossover between these two shows — and hopefully won’t be the last. Before Katy Keene even premiered, Lucy Hale introduced her now-iconic character to fans during an episode of Riverdale for those who missed it, back in February, Veronica traveled to New York City for a college interview and visited with her old friend Katy. Naturally, the girls went on an epic shopping spree!

Katy Keene Riverdale Crossover First Look

“Before Katy Keene officially premieres, we all thought it would be super-fun to do a crossover that took Veronica to Katy’s world — New York City — and established Katy in the Riverdale universe,” the show’s creators Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi said in a statement at the time. “For our first Riverdale/Katy crossover, we couldn’t be more excited that it’s old friends Veronica and Katy – Cami and Lucy – having fun and heart-to-hearts!”

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