Fans were left seriously shook earlier this month when Cole Sprouse debuted a brand new look and was almost unrecognizable! That’s right, the Riverdale star is now sporting a goatee, and boy, does he look different with it.

Well guys, the actor just got real about why he decided to grow out his facial hair, and the reason is actually hilarious.

“I was growing my hair out and my mustache for a role, but then quarantine hit, and I figured, you know what? I’m going to be playing a 17-year-old for the next 80 years of my life. I might as well give myself a second to actually figure if I can grow a mustache,” he explained during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. “This has taken me about the fullness of the quarantine thus far. I’ve been trimming. I’ve been making sure it all looks kosher. My brother and I have been in a violent competition for whose facial hair is more robust.”

Cole Sprouse Mustache

After appearing on the talk show, the 27-year-old’s Riverdale costar Casey Cott took to Twitter to troll him, and we cannot stop laughing!

Why does he keep itching his awful chin beard during this interview?” the CW star quipped, to which Cole quickly replied, “That hairy chin said more words in that interview than you did in the last four seasons.”

LOL. Wow, talk about no chill! As fans know, Cole isn’t the only star to change up his style during the coronavirus quarantine. Back int he beginning of May, Noah Centineo sent the internet into a frenzy when he did an Instagram Live, and he was sporting a mustache and beard of his own.

But a few weeks later he let everyone know he had decided to shave it off.

“Baby face is back,” the 24-year-old captioned an adorable selfie on his Instagram Stories, which showed off his beardless-face.

Noah Centineo Shaves

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