Cole Sprouse is opening up about a castmate crush that shaped him for years to come. As fans already know, the Disney Channel alum got his start young. Aside from starring alongside his brother Dylan in Big Daddy, Cole also played Ross Geller’s son, Ben, in Friends. During the 26-year-old actor’s Thursday night appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the star revealed he had a major crush on none other than Jennifer Aniston, 49, while working on the show. It all started when the 54-year-old host brought out a photo of a young Cole starring in a scene alongside the iconic actress.

Cole gushed, “That’s when I fell in love with her, yeah.” And when asked if he had a crush on her, the Riverdale star replied, “Didn’t everybody?”

Seriously, talk about #relatable. Cole reminisced, “I remember feeling so, so intimidated by my crush on her that I completely blanked out and forgot every single one of my lines, and she just stared at me and was waiting.”

And that’s not even the most embarrassing part! Cole clearly wasn’t hiding his crush too well because a cameraman completely called him out on set in front of everybody. If that is not very kid’s worst nightmare, we truly don’t know what is.

“One of the crew members – it was one of the cameramen – just goes, ‘That little boy’s got a crush!’ [It] broke me.”

Cole went on to explain why he decided to step away from the spotlight for a short time.

“So I decided to go to college, take a little break. I thought it was a good call,” he said. “Took about a five year hiatus from acting, studied archeology. I traveled around the world for a bit.”

So how did Riverdale come about after such a long break from the entertainment industry?

“I was working in this little archeological lab, like a treasure goblin just putting artifacts into bags and labeling them in some dingy basement in Brooklyn,” he laughed. “My manager begged me to come out for pilot week, and I was doing photography and archeology, and I said, ‘If I don’t get anything, I don’t think I’m going to come back.’ And then, sure enough, I booked Riverdale. And it just sort of fell into place.”

What an iconic acting journey this kid has had!

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