From A Court of Thorns and Roses to Fourth Wing, so many popular fantasy books are being adapted into live-action movies and TV shows. So, is Cruel Prince by Holly Black next? Regardless, we broke down a list of actors we think would perfectly encapsulate the characters from the 2018 romantasy read. Keep reading for our Cruel Prince fan casting, and let us know your reactions — or your own casting ideas — in the comments.

ICYMI, Cruel Prince is part of The Folk of the Air series, which contains six books (so far): Cruel Prince, The Lost Sisters, The Wicked King, The Queen of Nothing and How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories.

One of the most popular book series on BookTok, Cruel Prince follows a human woman named Jude Duarte who has to learn how to survive in a fairie world called Elflame, where mortals are despised — especially by one such fey prince named Cardan Greenbriar.

The author behind Cruel Prince series also wrote the beloved Spiderwick Chronicles and is a master in the fantasy genre.

“I think, for me, I try a lot to think about nobody ever reading the stuff I’m writing while I’m writing it,” Holly said of her writing process. “I want to write for myself and for the story I want to tell and try just to imagine that I deleted all of that.”

'The Cruel Prince' by Holly Black
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Most of the characters in Cruel Prince are morally ambiguous as the fantasy world they live in is dehumanizing and, well, cruel. As the mortal main protagonist, Jude is described as clever, cunning and feisty — she also has a way of manipulating the fae that no other human being has come close to. Prince Cardan is like most fae in the world of Elfhame: manipulative, powerful and cruel — however, he often plays the fool in order to disguise his own wit.

Other characters include Jude’s twin sister Taryn Duarte, half-sister Vivienne, step-father Madoc, step-brother Oak and Cardan’s friends Locke and Nicasia, among others.

Click through our gallery to uncover J-14‘s dream fan casting for the characters of Cruel Prince.

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