Charli D’Amelio got candid about her boyfriend, Landon Barker‘s “extreme phobia of flying” during The D’Amelio Show season 3.

The couple was set to take a trip to Milan, Italy for fashion week during the show’s third episode — which premiered on Wednesday, September 27 — and Charli explained why she’s not 100 percent sure that Landon would be able to accompany her.

“Stuff happened within his family that, I think, would scar anyone,” she shared during a confessional, referring to Landon’s dad, Travis Barker‘s 2008 plane crash which killed four of the six people on board.

“I’m hoping Landon can come. I really do want him there and I’m just holding it all inside,” Charli explained. “But, it’s just something that, even if he wants to so bad, it’s not in his control.”

She added, “Landon likes to fly separately from me and that’s what makes him more comfortable. Always up in the air because you just don’t know if he’s going to go through with it.”

Charli D'Amelio Details BF Landon Barker's ‘Extreme Phobia of Flying’ After Dad Travis' Plane Crash

While Charli discussed his fear of flying alone during the episode, the pair also addressed their travel plans together.

“I would want to go with you rather than anyone, but I also would never want to put you in a position where you felt uncomfortable,” Charli told him. “I am going to Milan with Landon or by myself.”

Landon, referring to himself in the third person, added, “We hope Landon goes,” before further explaining his fear.

“Last minute I’ll have a panic attack and just get off the plane and be like, ‘I can’t go I’m sorry,'” he shared. Charli, for her part, said the only thing she can do to help him is “be there” because, ultimately, “he has to make the decision that’s best for him.”

Later in the episode, it was revealed that both Charli and Landon made it to Milan.

“I am very excited when Landon gets to Milan,” Charli said. “I, kind of, prepared myself that he might not come, but seeing him there definitely meant a lot because I know it’s a lot for him to do that. So, the fact that he did that for me was really sweet.”

Dixie D’Amelio was also in Milan the same time as her sister. However, the pair didn’t meet up as there was still some tension between them from a fight earlier this season.

“Charli and I being in the same city and not being with each other is so weird,” Dixie said during her confessional. “I think Charli might be mad at me because I’ve just been very snippy. I miss her very much. So, hopefully when I get home, we can settle this.”

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