Last week, the news surfaced that Justin Bieber would be releasing a greatest hits album on February 27. Of course, this sent diehard fans of the 24-year-old pop star into a frenzy. While some were stoked to hear that a new album was coming, others were clearly bothered by the fact that he would be re-releasing songs they’ve already heard, rather than dropping something new. Don’t worry, though, because now it seems like some new songs are coming our way, too!

That’s right, Beliebers! On Saturday, January 12, Jason Torres, the CEO of a brand called 21 Grand, posted of photo of him and JB hanging out at the gym. Obviously, we love seeing photos of the “No Brainer” crooner doing everyday stuff, but what struck us about this particular photo was the caption, which seemingly hinted that the he’s been working on new music as well.

“Beyond thankful this morning,” Jason wrote. “Thank you for sharing your new music with me and letting me dance to it & share my talents with you. Most humble artist I ever got to hang with, you’re the man bro. Never thought this day would come but can’t wait until everyone hears the new FIRE.”

You read that correctly, folks! In addition to dropping an album full of his best hits, there’s a good chance we’ll also be getting some fire new tracks, and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

Of course, details are slim at this point. For example, will the compilation album include some new originals? Will he be releasing the new tracks separately? Will he be dropping a whole other album of new songs in addition to the greatest hits album? TBH, we’re not sure, and like you, we’re desperate for answers.

The good news? February 27 is pretty much right around the corner, so we won’t have to wait too long to find what the deal is in terms of Justin’s new music. Still, Justin? Scooter Braun? Are you there? Us diehard JB fans need answers and we need ’em ASAP.

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