Throwing it way back! Selena Gomez and her best friend Taylor Swift were both romantically linked to Taylor Lautner in 2009. While it’s been confirmed that the “Back to December” singer had a brief fling the Twilight star, did the Wizards of Waverly Place actress actually ever date him?

Keep reading for all the details on Selena and Taylor’s past romance. 

Did Selena Gomez Date Taylor Lautner?

Surprisingly, yes! Selena dated the Scream Queens actor months before Swift did. However, it was nothing more than a fling. In fact, they met when Selena was filming Ramona and Beezus and Taylor was in the midst of production for Twilight: New Moon.

Kristen [Stewart] was staying in my hotel,” Selena recalled during a 2009 interview with Seventeen. “He would visit her, so we were constantly running into each other in the lobby — and we ended up meeting. We would go out to lunch and dinner, but I knew he had paparazzi following him and I had paparazzi following me. So, we literally just wanted to hang out, go bowling and stuff, and it went a little too far, I think. People were getting a little crazy about us.”

Throwback! Did Selena Gomez Ever Date Taylor Lautner? Rumors, Timeline
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The Disney Channel alum added, “But it was fun – I went to Vancouver thinking I was going to focus on my work, but instead I got to meet him, and it ended up being the best thing ever.”

Is Selena Gomez Single?

Over the years, the actress has been candid about her dating life. Selena has often shared her relationship status with TikTok followers, revealing in July 2023, “Why Am I Single?” using the app’s filter.

“You Have Bad Taste,” the game hilariously replied.

The Hulu actress has also opened up about “the concept of having a normal human relationship,” during an interview with Music’s Beats 1 in January 2020.

“If I can be honest, it is just so cliché. Everyone dates everyone,” Selena said. “It always seems to be within a little bubble and it’s because it’s safe, right? You know, you’re wanting someone to understand what you’re going through. You’re almost wanting a counterpart of creativity as well and it’s, you know, interesting and fun.”

She added, “But the problem with that is that you end up — whether you admit it or not — you’re having your relationship for people and not even for yourself. There’s almost this point where it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re making it known that we’re together’ or whatever, whatever it is. It’s like, you just need to decide within our world if it’s for you or is it for show.”

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