Drop everything because just one week after she released her latest single “Lottery,” Dinah Jane has dropped another brand new song — and it’s a total bop! The super personal track is called “1501” and was written and recorded almost two years ago. Yep, that’s right, the former Fifth Harmony member revealed to fans after the song was released on Friday, March 20 that she’s been waiting to release this tune since 2018.

“I’ve had this record ‘1501’ for 2 [years] now… I felt like if I named it ‘wait,’ it was too expected. So, why not play off a hotel room number,” the songstress explained on Twitter.

A Complete Breakdown Of The Lyrics From Dinah Jane’s Personal New Tune ‘1501’

But wait, what’s the song about? Did she release music video too? Don’t worry, people, because J-14 is breaking it down once and for all. And as it turned out, the song actually has a super secret meaning behind it.

“For those of you wondering why I specifically named this record ‘1501’ as the title, it’s a number from my childhood. Can’t say what exactly, but it’s stuck [with] me all these years,” the 22-year-old explained to fans. 

Is anyone else dying to know the true meaning? Although Dinah didn’t spill any tea, she did say that the track was most definitely meant to be romantic. The singer told fans that they should think of their boyfriend or girlfriend while listening to the track.

“So, when you listen to ‘1501’ let it take you there with your significant other. Enjoy!” she tweeted.

As for a music video, Dinah didn’t say if or when one would be coming, but fans have hoped that it’s sometime soon. Get this — she even said that while making the song, she “envisioned a hotel room.” Some people are convinced that’s a clue for the upcoming visual!

For those who missed it, Dinah recently revealed that she definitely wants to release the rest of her album in 2020! So, get ready because new tunes are coming!

“I want to accomplish completing my first-ever album by [the end of 2020],” she said. “Gotta get these records outta my hands and into yours!”

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