Everyone has questions about their future, right? We’re constantly wondering, will we get married? Will we have kids one day? What job will we end up with? Where will we live? And it turns out, the same goes for the Dolan Twins! That’s why the boys decided to visit a psychic — er, two psychics — in a recent video. Ethan and Grayson sat down with twin psychics, Linda and Terry Jamison, where they learned all about their futures and OMG, the results have us shook

In the new video, posted on Tuesday, March 5, the ladies tackled everything from the YouTubers’ love lives and who they will marry, to their careers and what will happen to their YouTube channel. The psychics might have even given us insight about the future of Ethan’s relationship with his rumored girlfriend Emma Chamberlain.

We went ahead and rounded up everything that Linda and Terry revealed about our favorite boys and their futures. Scroll through our gallery to see.

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