When it comes to her music, Dove Cameron has always wanted to release some “darker” tunes. Yep, during a recent interview with Travis Mills on Apple Music, the former Disney Channel starlet dished on her new sound and how it differs from when she first started her career.

“Nobody ever believes me when I say this, so I always say this kind of defeated, but I am, like, a dark person,” the 24-year-old revealed. “I always have been. And I just ended up with a career path that was very shiny.”

She continued, “I never felt like I needed to project anything. And I really thought people would just authentically receive who I was, but it doesn’t really happen in the industry. You kind of have to brand yourself and really communicate with people if they are going to respond to that. And so I think all of these years, I thought I was being received for the person that I am, and it really shocked me to see how much people don’t really know that side of me.”

When it came to releasing new music, Dove said it’s “a conscious decision to release darker, more moody music” as a way to “express who I’ve always been.”

As fans know, in April, the Descendants star dropped a heartfelt track called “Remember Me,” which was a love letter written that Dove wrote to herself.

“Please remember me like this / Beautiful and talking s**t / ‘Cause things get ugly way too quick / And right now we’re just so perfect,” he lyrics read. “So please remember me like this / Beautiful and delicate / ‘Cause things get ugly way too quick / And right now we’re just so perfect / So please remember me just like this.”

At the time of its release, some listeners speculated that she painted a perfect picture of herself with the lyrics so that when times get hard, she can remember all the good times. For those who don’t know, throughout her time in the spotlight, Dove has been pretty open about her mental health issues. The release of “Remember Me” came just one day after she opened up with her past struggles and the importance of self care in a meaningful Instagram post.

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