Weeks after Dove Cameron admitted to fans that she’s been feeling “pretty sad” for “a while,” the Descendants star took to Instagram and penned a heartfelt letter about her current “healing process.” The 24-year-old also shared the importance of self care with her 35.5 million followers.

“Healing is not always pretty. Self care is not always face masks and fancy oils (though there’s nothing wrong with that),” she captioned two selfies. “For me: self care right now is trauma work, writing, face time therapy, daily talks with myself about the acceptance of my life and my current state, attempting to stay physically healthy and not let my depression and anxiety win, and practicing patience. Getting out of shape, and being ok with that. Being on my phone all day when I wanted to spend time reading and baking, and being ok with that, and trying again tomorrow.”

Dove Cameron Speaks Out About Her Past Struggles & The Importance Of Self Care

She continued, “Self care for me in this time, is following what I NEED, not what I’ve imagined this time looking like in my head or comparing how productive everyone else is being, and being ok with facing myself in all of my painful, messy and sometimes insufferable struggle with my mind. And, some face masks and fancy oils.”

After sharing her own story, the actress sent fans a hopeful message and told them that she’s always here for them.

“This is a time where everything comes to the surface, as we all slow down, and what we normally engage in isn’t as accessible to us anymore. We are now, more than ever, faced with ourselves, and for some, like me, that can be scary. Here’s to being kind, struggling, adapting, and doing some real f**king self care. Though I’m doing what’s best for me & keeping my distance, I am always here. I hope you’re doing whatever’s best for you.”

Back in March, fans became worried about the Disney Channel starlet after she posted a photo of herself crying. Captioning it with the crying emoji, she shared an up-close snap of her face, which showed a single tear rolling down her cheek. Her followers were quick to share messages of support.

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Dove has been pretty open about her mental health issues. Back in July 2019, she admitted to Seventeen, “I would call myself incredibly anxious, and I have dealt with depression. And I do have episodes of absolutely what feels like mania or something that is like I’m all of a sudden in the pits of despair. I can’t get myself out. I’m on the floor and I’m crying.”

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