Singer Dua Lipa has a lot to say about sexism in the music industry. During a recent interview, the 24-year-old — who just released her brand new album Future Nostalgia — claimed that “there is a lot less scrutiny of male pop stars” and explained how women are often compared to men.

“I just feel I’m here because I do music, but when people write articles like that about me, it takes it away from my talent and makes me a thing. An object. People like to just objectify women,” she told UK’s The Sunday Times. The “Don’t Star Now” songstress added, “We constantly change the way we are so we don’t get harassed. Cover our bodies so boys don’t say things. From when we are kids we are told the way boys act towards us is completely normal.”

She also opened up about what it was like to be “canceled” online after videos surfaced of her at a strip club with Lil Nas X and Lizzo after the 2020 Grammy Awards. For those who missed it, back in January, fans slammed the popstar and claimed that she was “exploiting women” and being “anti-feminist” by attending an after party at the club. Others even attempted to trend #dualipaisoverparty on Twitter, in the hopes of “canceling” her.

“You know, artists are people, and we learn from mistakes and apologize when it’s due. But, also, if I stand by my actions, I just won’t comment,” she explained. “I never do anything to be mean or degrading. Everything has a good intention, and if things get taken a wrong way, I’ll apologize. But I can’t live my life being scared in case someone tries to cancel me for something silly.”

When it comes to social media as a whole, Dua admitted that she hopes it can start to become a “safer” place for people.

“I wish social media companies could make it a safer space. It’s just become unkind,” she concluded.

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