We already knew that Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin were total relationship goals, but they just keep getting cuter and cuter.Barbara made her big return to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway after a six-year hiatus and Dylan was obviously there to cheer her on. But you’re not going to believe the adorable gift the actor brought his model girlfriend as a congratulation — hamburgers!

“He is bringing Shake Shack burgers for me,” Barbara, 25, told PEOPLE backstage as she got ready for the show. The model revealed she had been watching what she eats in preparation for the show, but as soon as it was all over, she planned on indulging herself in Shake Shack’s finest.

The star took to Instagram Stories to share a pic of the bag filled with burgers. “I’m coming,” he wrote, tagging his GF.

Dylan Sprouse brings Barbara Palvin Burgers
Instagram: @dylansprouse

Since Barbara had been sticking to a strict healthy eating plan, she joked about how she’s been watching tons of cooking shows to help alleviate her junk food cravings. “We had a funny thing this morning because I was watching videos of food. That is what I do!” she explained. “I was like, ‘Yeah, dip it! Cut it! Eat it!’ [Dylan] was like, ‘Babe? Are you ok?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, but it is just fried lasagna!’”

The star gushed about how grateful she is to have such a supportive boyfriend and family “who are able to handle me being hungry.” She added, “I cook for [Dylan]. So I watch him eat and I just drool.” Ugh, they seriously are the cutest!

Before the show, the Suite Life Of Zack and Cody star couldn’t contain his excitement for Barbara, telling E! that he’ll “be cheering her on very loudly, annoying her, [and] embarrassing her.”

“At least my mom and my sister will be at the other show at 4 p.m. He’s gonna be at the 8 p.m. one, so he can’t embarrass me in front of my family,” Barbara joked. “So that’s a good thing.”

The 26-year-old went on to explain just how hard his girlfriend had been working to prepare for the big night, and the way he talked about her made our hearts melt.

“You know what, it’s hard to see like from these interviews and I guess just from the Instagram posts and stuff how hard she’s really worked to do this,” Dylan explained. “So I think the best part for me is just knowing that like after all of that, it really paid off. So I’m excited to see the coalescence of all that work.”

Find us all boyfriends like Dylan, please and thanks!

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