Before Dylan Sprouse made his return to acting, he was pretty busy going to college and starting a business. And since he was an actor for his whole life, he and his twin brother Cole both took a legit break from it all during their four years at New York University. They didn’t study acting since you know, that’s what they already know how to do. Dylan focused on video games and fun fact: he’s legit been appearing in them for quite some time now. Well, his voice at least.

Speaking to Young Hollywood, Dylan spoke about how he studied video game design in school and there’s a good chance you’ll hear his voice if you’re an avid gamer. But usually, he records some pretty intense scenes!

“I did, [a] little-known fact. I don’t do much of that these days, but I do do some voice work in the video game industry. I play a lot of elves, I don’t know why. People are like, ‘oh you’re an elf,'” Dylan said. “I do a lot of death screams, that’s something. They’ll write on a sheet, ‘die five times, five different ways.’ So you’re like okay, you fall off a cliff, die by fire, and by the end of the day, you’re exhausted.”

OK, now in typical Dylan fashion, he obviously tells this in the most hilarious, yet super casual way. Who knew all this time he was voicing characters in video games? He has made his way back to movies, as he has starred in Dismissed and Banana Split and has more on the way. Cole, as we all know, is a series regular on Riverdale, so we get to see his lovely face playing the beloved Jughead each week on our TV screens. Will Dylan ever appear on the show though? The 26-year-olds have made it clear time and time again it won’t ever happen, but that doesn’t mean Dylan isn’t part of the Riverdale family. In fact, he recently posted on his Instagram Story that he was on-set visiting Cole.

Dylan Cole Riverdale

Who knows, maybe Dylan will appear in the back of scene, chilling in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. We can only hope! But hey, now we know to keep an eye —≠ or shall we say ear — out for Dyl’s voice in video games.

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